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Daryle Tibbs

Phone 513-793-7544
Direct Number 513-793-7544
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Daryle Tibbs
Tibbs Law Office
1329 E. Kemper Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246

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Daryle Tibbs

Tibbs Law Office

Director Consultant

My BusinessTibbs Law Office offers services in the areas of family law, real estate, small business, estate planning and estate administration. We serve clients in Clermont, Warren, Butler, and Hamilton Counties, as well as Northern Kentucky.

Ideal ReferralSmall business owner that needs startup help. These clients are usually repeat clients and they allow me to make many BNI referrals.

Top ProductCustomer Service. We either provide a service or we don't. I have heard all of the horror stories of procrastinating attorneys not doing their job.

Top Problem SolvedI cannot apologize to every client that has been wronged by an attorney, all I can do is respond to my clients and give my clients the best customer service possible.

My Favorite BNI StoryI don't know that I know many BNI stories but I would say that since I joined BNI, my health has been so much better than ever before. I began working out at least four times per week, I began seeing a chiropractor every three weeks and I have been in so much less pain than ever before both structurally and internally. About 6 months ago, I found out that my family physician had retired about a year ago. I didn't even know that he had retired because I haven't been to the doctor. I attribute that to using the services of my fellow BNIers.

My Ideal Referral PartnerAn ideal referral partner would be a title company that is not owned by an attorney. There are not very many but if I could find one, I would love to do business with them. Property Managers, accountants, and financial advisors are also great referral partners.