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Anne Tabor

Shine by Design

Director Consultant

My BusinessThrough color consultation and energy profiling I help clients express their inner beauty and personality with a fresh style. Finding your identity through clothing is a daunting task for many and I help guide you through a series of interviews and thought provoking questions. How we dress is a direct reflection on how we feel about ourself. Are you dressing for the job you want? Are you dressing to feel your best? What do your clothes say about you? What are you trying to hide? This is such a personal journey that is best taken with a trusted guide. I take you as you are, and together we help you Shine by Design. You were created to SHINE, and by allowing yourself to do so, you give others permission to do the same. Free phone initial consultations are encouraged. I'll help you SHINE!

Ideal ReferralSpeaking to a group of women that are in a lifestyle/personal growth journey. These are women that are ready to make a change on the inside and outside, and are willing to see value in hiring a lifestyle strategist to guide them through this process.

Top ProductPersonal Stylist with core work done in the areas of personal growth and healthy food choices as the foundation work to outer beauty though personal style. I have different packages available depending on their need.

Top Problem SolvedWorking with a client that was stuck in her world of fashion. The deeper level of this stuck feeling was rooted in some internal struggles. Through introspective strategies, and creating a vision of her best self, she was able to give herself permission to shine on the outside. Clothing was her outward symbol of an inner peace.

My Favorite BNI StoryIt was at a BNI National Conference in Charlotte, NC when I complimented a woman that had just stepped out of the elevator. I loved the bright colors she was wearing and said she rocked it! I never spoke with her again until I was heading to the airport, and we bumped into each other in the lobby. She asked if I wanted a ride to the airport since she'd already called a driver, and she wanted to thank me for giving her the courage to wear a gorgeous vintage sequined peach gown to the gala the night before. She would have worn her safe black dress had I not said what I did the day before. Epilogue: She is a business coach, and spending two hours with her before our flights gave me a business idea and path to the company I have today. I would never have had the courage to make a career change had I not run into her. Coincidence? I think not. Faith that I had a larger plan ahead of me led Kathy Jo into my life, and I thank God everyday for putting me in the right place at the right time.

My Ideal Referral PartnerBusiness coaches, Hair stylists, wellness coaches, and businesses in the image industry. Direct selling or MLM business where they want to educate their team on the importance of dressing today for the successful business they want to have tomorrow.