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CollapseOH Cincinnati (OH Southwest and N. Kentucky)

OH Cincinnati (OH Southwest and N. Kentucky)
639 Philadelphia St.
Covington, KY 41011
Phone 859-655-9434
Fax 859-655-9697
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Brennan Scanlon, Executive Director, 859-655-9434 x2, Send Message
Michelle Guess, Regional Admin, 419-537-9054, Send Message
Michelle Hood, Regional Admin, 859-240-6996, Send Message
Nanette Polito, Regional Admin, 8598167659, Send Message
Shelley Warner, Regional Admin, 859-628-9653, Send Message
Suzy Robinson, Regional Admin, 859-655-9600, Send Message
J. Brennan Scanlon, Sr. Director Consultant, 859-655-9434, Send Message
Anne Tabor, Director Consultant, 513-266-3412, Send Message
Bob Turner, Director Consultant, 513-237-5530, Send Message
Christina Gyarmati, Director Consultant, 513-741-2100, Send Message
Daryle Tibbs, Director Consultant, 513-793-7544, Send Message
David Clegg, Director Consultant, 859.466.9126, Send Message
Elizabeth Hudson, Director Consultant, 859-431-6999, Send Message
Gregg Sutter, Director Consultant, 513-404-3920, Send Message
Laura Lella, Director Consultant, 513-967-5139, Send Message
Lauren Ehrler, Director Consultant, 513-516-1106, Send Message
Robert Young, Director Consultant, 937-689-5057, Send Message
Steve Cain, Director Consultant, 859-341-8227, Send Message
Alameda Kidd, Ambassador, 513-546-9808, Send Message
Barb Hines, Ambassador, 513-505-4993, Send Message
Beverly Richards, Ambassador, 513-926-9560 x102, Send Message
Bob Hafertepen, Ambassador, 513-561-4000, Send Message
Dan Hammons, Ambassador, 859-466-5081, Send Message
Dennis Miller, Ambassador, 513-616-3718, Send Message
Don Jones, Ambassador, 513-678-9833, Send Message
Keith Burkhardt, Ambassador, 513-407-5430, Send Message
Mary Beth Gallina, Ambassador, 513-603-4000, Send Message
Melanie Booher, Ambassador, 513-207-2252, Send Message
Sandi Hammons, Ambassador, 859-466-8496, Send Message
Zachary Lux, Ambassador, 859-537-3789, Send Message